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Warmest greeting from Balinese Cultural Creation

Bali, a small island that is a part of Indonesia, is well-known throughout the world for its creative art and unique culture. Many people visit this island but not many understand the true nucleus of the island found in the artwork and culture. For this reason, we proudly present a distinct and original Balinese training center/courses to you: Balinese Cultural Creation created to give opportunity to everybody in learning Balinese Art and Culture.

We provide so many interesting programs like Balinese Dance, Balinese Gamelan Music, Balinese Painting, Balinese Woodcarving, Balinese Cooking, Batik Making, Offering Making, Photo Sessions, Silver Jewelry Making and many other interesting programs.
Located in the land of +/-10.000 m2 with beautiful tropical garden, you will really enjoy our training classes/courses.

Our programs are divided into short-time program (1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours), half- day training programs, full-day training programs and long-time program (3 days or more) upon your request. If you would like to learn more about art and culture, we would happily arrange some programs in longer time for you.

The purpose of our programs is to bring you one step closer to the Balinese Art and Culture.

There are many benefits that you may get from our training classes. Not only practice but will also get the knowledge behind the art and culture. For example, if you would like to learn Balinese Dance, we will firstly introduce you the brief information about the dance. Then, you may bring home the information leaflets (containing the steps of the dance) that enable you to practice it anytime.

Besides practice, you will also be taught about Balinese painting history. For example, at Balinese Cultural Creation class of painting you will learn about Kamasan style as you may see in Kertagosa -Klungkung, Bali. For beginners, Kamasan painting is very difficult to learn but at Balinese Cultural Creation, it can be learnt with the simpler way without leaving the original style and characteristic of the painting. To keep the originality of the Kamasan style, Balinese Cultural Creation also provide the special canvas for the Kamasan painting (traditionally handmade canvas).

Have you ever heard about Batik? Balinese Cultural Creation also provides the Batik Making Class, the program offered by Balinese Cultural Creation is really special. In this class, you will be introduced to the process of making Batik and also also learn how to use canting (the special pen in making Batik) and other interesting steps that make this class really exciting.

The most special thing of our Art and Culture Training/Courses is that you may bring home everything you have made here during the training. It will be the real souvenir of the unique Balinese Art and Culture that will always remind you about the exotic of Bali.

Besides the various interesting programs above, we also offer you the wedding packages arranged for the couples who would like to get married in Bali officially or just as a ceremonial wedding to get the sweet memories of their wedding in Bali. Balinese or European style wedding packages are available. For further information, please click our website

Programs for kids are also available at Balinese Cultural Creation. Please click menu “KIDS ACTIVITIES”. The concept of these programs is learning by playing. The kids will get much knowledge from the programs they want to learn with fun.

We are looking forward to your visit and please try the new experience with us.

* All activities are based on previous booking. Please contact us for booking via phone or email. Thank you.

For your info previously, the name of the company was Balinese Cultural Creation, then on 12th Ocotber, it was changed into Balinesia Center.

Some profit gained will be donated to some holy places and some foundations.  

We are looking forward to your visit and please try the new experience with us.

Some profit gained will be donated to some holy places and some foundations.
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