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Wedding Season
Dated: August 2011
balinese cultural creation
balinese cultural creation balinese cultural creation
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balinese cultural creation balinese cultural creation
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balinese cultural creation balinese cultural creation
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Cover page.
Name of the magazine – “Wedding Season”

“Wedding overseas”
Autumn 2011



In April 2011 a popular Byelorussian showman, singer and actor Dimitry Wrangel confessed his love to his beloved Tatiana and promised her to share all his life with her….Where do you think he did it? In Bali island! The couple for long time was looking for their paradise and when they found it they did all to remember the event for the whole life. Our magazine “Wedding Season” asked the happy couple to share their impressions and tell us about their magic royal wedding.

How did you first meet?

We met each other in a medical center where I came to see dentist. Tatiana worked there as administrator. We started to talk, liked each other. This is how our friendship started.

Do you believe that a man and a woman can be just friends?

They can up to a certain moment. Actually we were friends for almost a year and each was leading his own life. But after some time we came to understanding that our friendship had grown up into something bigger. I realized that Tatiana was as close to me as nobody else in my life.

You’ve been together for 10 years already… How did you manage to keep it in secret being a public person?

Only a few people knew about our relationship – parents and close friends. After wedding in Bali we received a huge number of letters, sms and phone calls from many people. Nobody could believe that we had been together over 10 years. They were asking: “Where were you hiding her all the time?”  But indeed I never wanted to show my private life to everybody. My emotions, feelings belong to my inner world that is why I did not want to expose my relations with Tatiana.

What features of Tatiana’s personality do you value most?

I love her warmth, decency, kind attitude to the world, to me, to parents. I worship her fidelity and selflessness.  I learn a lot from her. She had shown to me that family life and show business are absolutely different things. I cannot imagine another woman in her place. We were born for each other.

Why did you decide to celebrate your wedding in Bali?

When we were traveling in Asia we started to dream about an exotic wedding. We are professional travelers; we visited almost every corner on Earth. Enjoyed the beauty of many countries – Crimea peninsula, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey. But we had decided to have our wedding in Bali (Indonesia) – we had not seen a place more beautiful than it. We wanted to do our event unforgettable, pure and bright in the most blossoming and divine place in the world.


Why this island charmed you so much?

This is paradise on Earth. In Bali everything is breathing with love. The nature is beautiful, people are kind and open. In our world the relations are based on business-money, in Bali – God-Love-Peace- Children. Local people all the time pray to their Gods, want to please the evil and kind spirits, in Bali one can see original rituals and processions to temples. 
For Indonesians family and relatives are on the first place. When the eldest child in a family grows up he takes over parental functions over his youngest brothers and sisters, provides them with food, clothing, help to get education. If a younger brother want to marry but does not have enough money, older brother will cover all the expenses. They always help each other. Parents are confident that they always may rely on support from their children.

For many years you have been a key presenter on many weddings. It looks like for many years you did not like any format of a wedding event?

I have been leading weddings and other entertainments for 15 years and not only in my country. But in our country for presenters, cameramen, actors a wedding is first of all a job. While in Bali the attitude to a wedding ceremony and other ceremonies is completely different – it is sincere and lofty.


How did your relatives react to your decision to have wedding in such exotic way?

Each person has the right to do what he wants with his life. I don’t care how other people look at it. It is our life and our high day. Our best friends understand it.
Perhaps people of the old generation will say that our wedding does not comply with our national tradition. But who knows what a genuine tradition is? We did as our hearts told us. In that day we did not want to think what our cousins or uncles say about it. We wanted a holiday for ourselves, although we respect our grandfathers and grandmothers. And thanks God, our wedding went as we wanted.

Was the process of the wedding preparation complicated? Was anyone helping you?

During our journeys to Thailand, Sri Lanka and India we had founds friends. And we were also lucky to make friends with Balinese people. And as Tatiana works in tourism business she has friends and reliable business partners as well. They helped us to organize the wedding ceremony and honey moon trip. If not for our Balinese friends our dream about a miracle Balinese wedding would have never come true. Due to them for our royal luxurious wedding ceremony we spent as much money as for an ordinary wedding party in Minsk. Tatiana took over all organizational work – for three months she had been in correspondence with the Balinese side, booking tickets, getting visas and preparing the ceremony as well. We were choosing photographers, cameramen, florists, stylists, hotel and place for the ceremony.

Where did the ceremony take place?

In the heart of  Bali – the Center of Balinese Culture Taman Anggrek. Our Balinese friends advised this place to us. For the most of Europeans the wedding ceremony is organized on the ocean beach. It is good but looks the same every time. But our wedding fell on April 3, 1933 according to the local calendar – the first day of the lunar month and we decided to have a genuine royal wedding in compliance with all Balinese traditions. And we have never regretted it as the event was fantastic and unforgettable!

What did you feel on the wedding day? Were you worried as most of the couples?

We were so nervous that we did not sleep the previous night. When we woke up in the morning it was raining and we were a little bit upset as we did not want to change the ceremony program. But the rain on a wedding day is a good sign in any place. We were even more excited when we went to the Center of Balinese Culture to choose the costumes and prepare for the ceremony.

Was it difficult to make a choice of costumes?

We were offered a huge variety of costumes of various styles made of various fabrics.


We were attracted by multi color costumes. We thought that the costumes should be red, blue, yellow… But the Balinese friends advised the natural hand made fabrics (Batik) of more composed royal tones. At first glance we have not paid attention to them. But the argument was very convincing – “your wedding costume shall be this color“.

Wasn’t Tatiana upset by such quick selection of the wedding gown?

Actually it was not fast. For three month before the wedding we red many books, saw thousands of photos in order to figure out how it should look. Costumes, bride’s nosegay, make up and other details were studied and selected basing on the photos. And we wanted to see it all in reality. The result was beyond all our expectation!
Tatiana’s costume had many natural flowers in her hair, dress and hands. She had a special make up – vivid and expressive. But the major decoration of the bride was a golden crown which was 1, 5 kg. Only royal persons in Bali wear such crowns for wedding. It was nice to feel as kings during your wedding!
I also wore a national traditional head dress made of batik and embroidered with gold. In my costume there were many elements – sarong, corset, short jacket. I also had make up on my face and wore ear rings. When we looked at each other we did not believe that it were us.

What was the ceremony itself?

It started in the midday. We were admired when we saw the place. The garden with orchids, ponds with lilies, a lot of greenery, arches of flowers! Each path, each step was decorated with flowers.
The ceremony comprised of a few stages - purification of the space, body and soul. As the ritual was in the Indonesian language we had an interpreter to understand everything and to act correctly.


First we took part in the ritual of space purification from the evil spirits. Big garlands of natural flowers were put on us and the entire processions – around 70 people – musicians, dancers, man carrying the thrones, children with flowers went further. Sitting on the thrones we were drinking coconut milk while the dancing program was going on. Then we on the thrones were taken to the ceremony of blessing. A local priest was reading mantras, which must unite the hearts of the loving couple for many years, the wedding songs were sung, and other rituals accomplishes for the sake of happy and strong marriage. When our bodies and souls were purified we gave a pledge to each other and to God. It was really touching and exiting, In Bali the blessing ceremony is considered the most important one and without it the marriage is not valid.
After the official ceremony there was a dinner and dancing show. It was really a fairytale. We couldn’t believe that we were a part of this magic event! We were in euphoria; therefore some moment of the ceremony we only recalled watching a video record after the wedding.

Were all the local traditions observed or something was done in the European style?

The local tradition says that the marrying couple shall shorten the teeth. We decided just to exchange the wedding rings. But the local tradition was also followed – during  the blessing ceremony threads were out on our fingers and hands, we were sprinkled by holy water and special grass were put around our heads to connect the couple with the Heaven and God.

But didn’t Balinese wedding ceremony contradict to your confession?

Balinese wedding was equal to our church wedding. We were surprise how tolerant is Balinese religion. Before the wedding we asked the local priest how we should act during the ceremony as were are of the other confession. He said: “Regardless of where you are – In America or Antarctica – when you say “yes” you understand what you are saying. Then what is the difference? The God is one for everybody, pray to God.”

What can you say about the wedding dinner dishes?

They were the dishes of Balinese national cuisine. There were rice, fish, vegetables, many exotic fruits. But the program of the wedding was so interesting that we really did not have much time to eat, event the food was delicious and well prepared.

How did you feel when during the wedding you were not working but marrying yourself?

I felt excellent.  At weddings in Belorus everything is predictable for me.  While at our wedding ceremony we were so excited, waiting for a miracle as little kids. We could not predict what would happen further, we were admired and delighted. Just imagine – in the end of the ceremony each participant came to us to congratulate us personally! It was so pleasant and touching.

Did you go for a honey moon trip?

In two days after the ceremony we went to Flores Island and then for three days we were traveling by yacht visiting the neighboring islands, swimming, enjoying the beauty of the virgin nature of the Komodo National Park. That was really great!  My advice to everybody who dreams about such wedding – everything is possible, you just want it, go and get it!

Julia Nestrovich.

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