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Chi Magazine
Dated: March 2010  

After resting in the beach you have to dedicate one day in order to know more about the arts and crafts of Bali! A new art-center in Denpasar offers the express method .
Text and photos by Denis Korablev.

It is difficult to imagine, but in the center of Denpasar there is a paradise garden: huge territory with palm trees and orchids and hundred years old Javanese pavilions, fountains and ponds with carp fish. This is the new center of Arts and Creation of Bali where they introduce to the inquisitive travelers the secrets of traditional arts of  painting and cooking. It is a good retreat if you are tired of hot days and want to try yourself in play on Gamelan, make a scarf in Batik style or a basket for ritual offering making or silver pendant with your own hands, eat a traditional dinner comprising of approximately ten dishes or try on a costume of Balinese bride. Each lesson lasts for one or two hours – enough to feel the taste of it and not too long to get bored. This Center is a real windfall for families with small children – while the youngest play Gamelan and learn to keep the back straight and turn the eyes dancing the traditional dance, the parents can take photos in picturesque costumes and makeup of Balinese honeymooners. After such a full day you can get back to your beach routine.

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