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Buongiorno Bali
Dated: May 2010  

In the very heart of Denpasar, Bali’s lively administrative capital, you do not expect of finding, to the impromptu, a Paradise. Between businesses and shopping centres, swollen rivers of mopeds and crowded public offices, the vibrant activism of this market-city of a million inhabitants the fortuitous visitor would never imagine the existence of a still secret corner, a mysterious green oasis hidden at the sight in a lanes’ labyrinth in the city centre. A true "island" of nature and silence, dedicated to relaxation and to the study of the tradition in 10.000 square metres of park and elegant style-constructions, that is the Balinese Cultural Creation – Art and Culture Training Center (BCC), the pearl that Buongiorno Bali proposes to you in this issue. Courses of Balinese painting, traditional dances, gamelan music, the spiced delights of the insular cuisine and the magic arts of batik and woodcarving, are only some of the activities that the BCC offers to its tourist guests and foreign residents interested to go over a superficial contact with the multiform creativity of the Balinese people. No more mere listeners of the island’s wonderful music, not anymore simple paying visitors of museums, galleries and small markets: now everybody can be a potential artist for one day or one month, by experimenting and creating cloth, transforming oneself into a cook, dancer and painter, under the guide of patient Balinese masters, among the best in the respective sectors. The BCC offers many courses to initiate the visitor to Bali’s Culture, tailor-made on the expectations and demands of the guests, modeled to leave them time to continue their other activities – of work or tourism – which brought them to our island.

Thanks to its strategic position in Bali’s geographic azimut, at the intersection of all roads that lead to the volcanoes of the island’s centre as well as to the South’s beaches and the temples of the East, Denpasar is comfortably reachable by each resort, hotel and villa of Southern Bali, the most frequented and dense of attractions region. For those who love the Balinese culture but who do not feel like retiring to Ubud’s hills, too faraway for a daily trip to the seaside, the BCC courses’ location proves just perfect and conducive to easily reconciling all other engagements of both individuals and families. The joy of batik’s manual preparation; the rigorous grace of the moves of the legong dance, practiced barefoot on BCC’s wide meadows; the making of offerings and decorations of 'our own', born out of rough wood, to complete our Bali home or to be brought back to our country as authentic memories of a wonderful holiday: these feelings and many more can be read on the faces of the expatriate friends who have already had the pleasure of trying the BCC courses. Like the Austrian national Hannelore whom, in a sunny morning spent at the Center’s park, we saw becoming ablest in the ‘satay’ preparation. Or her New Zealander friend Frances, so enthusiastic after having created a batik scarf by handling small beaks of fused wax and baths of natural colours. Or, again, like the two young Russian ladies, Marina and Ljuba who, after just a few minutes of trials, managed to joyfully play a gamelan melody thanks to the clear and simple teachings of a BCC’s young Balinese master.

A selected attendance, that of the Denpasar Centre, coming from so many nations, welcomed with grace and true Western-style professionalism by the truly Balinese Ida Ayu Kade Wiwiek Astawa, a young lady descending from a Brahmana family, founder and manager of the BCC. “My ambition” explains Wiwiek to BuongiornoBali, “it is to lead our island’s guests to knowing and practicing  our culture, transferring a bit of our knowledge and enthusiasm to all the many friends interested in 'living' Bali and bringing back home a little piece of our wonderful traditions”.

If spreading with simplicity the Balinese culture is the stated 'mission' of Balinese Cultural Creation, Wiwiek is nevertheless very proud also of a second passion of hers: offering her guests a magic place where to set romantic and private moments, among friends or along with the beloved being. The BCC’s large park, wisely lighted in the evenings, is suitable to perfection as the scenery for romantic dinners in the one or two-stories wooden bales that dominate the meadows surrounded by highest bamboos. But the setting is just ideal too for gala dinners and weddings in full exotic style. The spouses or the couples in search of a luxurious privacy, can be hosted in the two suites facing a great hall with dinner facilities opening on the large swimming pool, can take advantage of the services of a little but exclusive spa and have a whole park at their disposal for walking among the orchids and being slackened to the shade of palms and leafy bamboos. To complete the framework of an unforgettable holiday or wedding, a large basin of colorful fishes and fountains, ornamental plants and centennial trees, down to the "Love Line": a long grassy avenue that opens to the impromptu behind a natural 'curtain' of little greenish lianas. It is this one the most private and surprising part of the whole compound, a “oasis in the oasis”, where romanticism conquers also the most modern and disenchanted spirits. Ideal for a wedding march, the Love Line is a tunnel of intense green that ends right in front of an ancient bale standing at the centre of a water basin punctuated by lotus flowers and fragrant waterlilies. Under Wiwiek’s attentive supervision, here the ceremonies unwind with a contour of traditional Balinese orchestra and impeccable service to the dining tables: an experience that the lucky couple, their relatives and friends will certainly remember for their whole life.
The BCC awaits you!


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